This NEW BOOK Decodes Exactly How To Shatter Your Own Limitations, Upgrade Your Mindset & Rewire Your Brain For The Health, Wealth, Love & Happiness You Desire & Deserve...
(PLUS: On This Page, You Can Get A Physical, Paperback Copy Of This Must-Read, New Book For FREE!)
(PLUS: On This Page, You Get A Paperback Copy Of This Must-Read Book For FREE!)
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Are You Wasting Your Precious Time, Energy & Money
Looking For SUCCESS In All The WRONG Places!?
(Just Like The 'Experts' & 'Guru's' Out There, Have Misled You To Do!)
Are You Wasting Your Precious Time, Energy & Money
Looking For SUCCESS In All The WRONG Places!?
(Just Like The 'Experts' & 'Guru's' Out There, Have Misled You To Do!)
I'm not going to sugar-coat this... I'm going to give it to you straight...

If you're NOT already getting the results you want in your life, it's likely because you've been misled about what's REALLY required for success...

And I know this may sound like bad news, but it's actually good news!

I'm going to explain why this is 'good news' in a moment... as well the deadly trap that keeps people struggling... & the "missing 1st step" (that the 'gurus' aren't telling you!) which can change everything for you...

But first, let's agree on something...

You're on this page... reading these words... for 2 main reasons...
  • 1) You want MORE of something... you want more money... you want more health, vitality & energy... you want better relationships... you want more happiness, freedom, joy & fulfillment in your life.
  • 2) You want LESS of something... less financial struggle, less debt, less weight & fewer health problems... less conflict... less pain, struggle, hardship & disappointment.
...or, you want a mix of BOTH of the above (which is great!)

The issue is you've probably also been sold the false idea that the solution to all your problems... and the key to getting more from life... is to find, invest in & take advantage of the right "opportunities" out there...

You've been told that if you want to improve your...
  • HEALTH & FITNESS... all you need to do is just get on this brand new diet, join this new exercise program, buy new exercise equipment or get yourself a fancy new gym membership.
  • INCOME, CAREER & FINANCES... you need to start your own online business, working from the comfort of your own home... or you need to join this new business opportunity, or invest in stocks, etc...
  • RELATIONSHIPS... all you need is to sign up for this fancy new dating app, or to wear this new perfume / cologne that makes you totally irresistible to men / women...
  • ​HAPPINESS & JOY IN LIFE... all you need this job promotion, a new car, new house, new iPhone or gadget... then, you'll finally be happy!
The reality is these challenges (e.g. poor health, not enough money, dating or relationship problems, not being happy in life) are usually mere ''symptoms'' of a bigger, underlying problem.

For example, most people are not unhealthy & unfit because they lack 'how-to' information on the topic... rather, it's because of their mindset... their beliefs... how they view their health.. whether they are strong & disciplined in this area - & the same applies to other areas of life as well!...

And all of these "opportunities" are important, however they are STEP #2 of the success equation - not STEP #1...

...STEP #1 is something that most 'experts' 'guru's' & 'salesman' don't tell you about... and leave you to figure out on your own... let me explain...
The Simple, Yet Forgotten & Overlooked, 1st STEP To Creating The HEALTH, WEALTH, LOVE & HAPPINESS You Want...
For decades, the world's smartest individuals, greatest thinkers, wisest philosophers, richest business owners, investors & high-achieving people across various disciplines, have all talked about 1 specific, simple & very powerful ingredient required for all kinds of achievement & success...'s something at the very core - STEP #1 - of the success equation...'s something that, once learned & practiced, that has the potential to completely transform your life... in ways, you may not be able to imagine!

What I'm talking, of course, is what's known as the internal mastery of self... or simply called, "SELF-MASTERY".

"SELF-MASTERY" is STEP #1 - it's the single biggest key that enables you to do more, be more & achieve more - "opportunities" come afterwards...
The Difference That Makes The Difference
Take any 2 people, give them the SAME "opportunity", such as a new diet or business opportunity (& even give them the SAME training on how to get the most out of that "opportunity")... 

...yet despite everything, people are going to get DIFFERENT results.

In fact, I’m sure you’ve seen this play out countless time before...
  • WHEN LEARNING: 2 people read the same book, go through the same course, go to the same class or attend the same event, but end up learning, implementing & achieving very things.
  • IN THE WORKPLACE... 2 people start a new job, start their own business or join the same, new business / investment opportunity at the same time.. yet end up earning different amounts of money.
  • WITH THEIR BODY... 2 people sign up for a gym, or fitness program, or start the same diet, with the same goal of 'losing 20 pounds'... but end up getting very different results...
At first, this may seem strange… 

One may think ‘given the same opportunity, 2 people should get the same results’...

But, rarely (if ever) is that how it works.

The reality is that the single biggest difference maker is YOU & your level of 'SELF-MASTERY' - that's the difference that makes all the difference.
Learning to master yourself (your goals, your mindset, your beliefs, your behavior, 'who you are') really is like a ‘big domino’ in life...

...once that domino falls, all the other domino's (such as great health, vast wealth, amazing relationships, joy & happiness) fall into place as well...

Now, let me ask you a question...
Did you know there are insights, principles, frameworks, strategies & methods to change, transform & upgrade your mindset, elevate your thinking, raise your consciousness & start achieving much more, much faster?!
Unfortunately, most people have very little idea about these profound strategies for personal growth & transformation that are available to use because the education system has, once again, failed to teach us this...

...which is also why, even the most basic insights into this topic can make a massive, measurable difference to your thinking, being & results (let alone all of the advanced strategies I'm going to show you as well!)...

But, at this point, you may be thinking, "Where can I learn this stuff?"...

Or, you may think... "what can I do to upgrade my mindset, shatter my existing limitations & re-wire my brain for the success I desire & deserve?"

-- Introducing --

SELF MASTERY: Create The Life You Want By Becoming The Person You Want To Be!
Before I share what this book is really about, let me re-emphasise what it's NOT about:
  • HEALTH - This book is NOT about health or fitness. You won't find any dieting steps or exercise plans inside. Despite this though, I can confidently say that this book has the potential to do more for your health & fitness than any health guide or fitness plan out there!
  • WEALTH - This book is also not categorized as a 'financial' book, so you won't find any money management, business or investing tips in here... yet, the contents inside can improve your financial situation more than any investment, pay raise or Christmas bonus ever could!
  • LOVE -  You also won't find any dating or relationship tips in here either. However, what you will learn inside will massively contribute to your success & happiness in this area of your life too!. No doubt!
  • ​HAPPINESS - Lastly, it also isn't categorized as a 'happiness' 'confidence' or 'spirituality' book. However, once again, what you'll learn inside will give you all of these things & so many others. It'll do more for your sense of happiness & fulfillment than any exciting new TV show, shopping spree or Hawaiian vacation ever could!
Now, if it's not any of those things, what is it about? And how can I make such bold (& varied) claims here?

It's because, as we already discussed, poor health, a lack of wealth, dating or relationship problems, are ''symptoms'' of a bigger, underlying issue...

...which is exactly what this book is about: diving deep into the underlying psychological & emotional forces that shape everything we do & all the results (good or bad) we get...

This book is a comprehensive & practical guide to defeating your internal demons, shattering your own limitations, raising your consciousness, performing at your best & re-wiring your mindset for the kind of progress & success you are truly capable of (across all important areas of life!)

It's a playbook for understanding & mastering your own thinking, behavior, habits & performance so you actually DO what you already know you need to do to achieve the dreams you have...
Best Part: It's NOT Like Any Other Personal Growth Book Out There!
This book isn't about ''positive thinking'', ''affirmations'' ''manifestation'' or setting ''S.M.A.R.T. goals'' - you won't find any of this stuff in this book. 

You also WON'T find the same obvious & repetitive advice, such as ''believe in yourself'' ''stop being so negative'' ''be confident'' or ''hustle''...

...this advice doesn't really help anybody unless you first understand why you're doing (or NOT doing) these things in the first place. 

Once again, there's a deeper level at play, which once you learn, will change how you see everything in the personal growth industry

Instead, this book focuses on helping you understand why you are who you are TODAY & how you can make any change you want quickly & easier, to start seeing the results you really want in life.

In the process of teaching you this, this book will literally challenge everything you know about reality, humanity, psychology & success.

And it'll lovingly push you to re-think everything about yourself, your successes, your failures, your dreams & your life in general.

It will put your existing beliefs, behaviors & habits under the microscope so you can transend them & transform yourself into the person you were truly destined, and choose to, to be!

I know these are big claims, but this book will deliver all of this (& MORE!) for you... because it's researched, structured & crafted to do exactly that!
The Biggest & Best Ideas, Curated!
(Reading This Book Will Save You Years)
The content in this book don't just build on the work of some the greatest thinkers of all time, but is also grounded in modern scientific research... 

Specifically, research in the fields of biology, human psychology, performance psychology, neuroscience & sociology. 

See, you may not have the time to spend the next 6+ years studying personal growth & all of these fields of research I just mentioned (like I've done), but you definetly have time to read this 1 book (which curates the biggest & best insights from these fields to help you achieve more, faster)

And if all this isn't enough... this book also gives you get the exact processes, strategies & exercises I've created & refined through my years of work with clients worldwide - to help you immediately put the information inside into practice & GET REAL & LASTING RESULTS!

Ultimately: there's a reason customers all around the world are calling this new personal growth book 'life-changing,' 'a true gem' & a 'must-read'! - Find out why today...
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In Case You're Curious, Here's Exactly What You'll Learn Inside This Bestselling New Book...

This new book contains more than 300 pages, divided into 3 distinct sections...

Here's a sneak peak into some of the powerful insights, ideas & practical strategies you'll learn in each one of the sections...

-- Section #1 --

Potential: Recognizing Possibility

  • The ''POSSIBILITY STREAMS'' framework for life design... (NOTE: once you learn this groundbreaking & eye-opening new framework, you won't be able to see problem, challenges or struggles in the same way... it'll help you see things from a greater perspective & make better decisions in all areas of your life!
  • Why attempting to ''control'' & ''guarantee'' the results you may want in life is actually a recipe for failure, stress & unhappiness (PLUS: a slightly counter-intuitive, yet much more effective approach for planning & taking action...)
  • The 2 'Attention Traps' - if you spend too much of your time & attention in these 2 traps you're likely to experience stagnation & dissatisfaction (rather than the success, joy & fulfillment you want!) - NOTE: what you're getting here is a 'map' that'll help you be more mindful, navigate & avoid these 2 traps!
  • How lies can become truth inside our own minds...​once you learn the psychology behind ''self-fulfilling prophecies'' it'll forever change how you view your failures, success & your future!
  • The 4 steps of the 'Pygmalion Effect' - this is a psychological phenomenon that impacts every single human interaction we have in our lives (it's also a big reason for 'social anxiety' & social phobia's)...
  • Why the rich get richer & the poor get poorer... discover the 3 parts of 'the momentum cycle' that leads people to either spiral upwards or downwards! (IMPORTANT: once you learn this, you'll also know how to 'flip' this cycle on it's head - to 'hack' it - to get into positive, upwards momentum on demand!)
  • The #1 'limiting belief'​ keeping people stuck in the same struggles, failures, mistakes, problems & disappointments... & NEVER CHANGING! --- (HINT: this 'limiting belief' has nothing too do with how little potential someone has, but rather with one's perception of the past vs the future!) - avoid this at all costs!
  • THE SUBJECTIVE NATURE OF REALITY - how your 'identity' acts like a 'filter' that emphasizes certain parts of the human experience & literally blinds you from seeing certain other opportunities.. (this is the holy-grail to 'perspective!')
  • The ''WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO?'' framework - we're often confused at why we arrived at certain conclusions / made certain decisions & choices - WELL, once you learn the intricacies of this framework, you'll better than ever before, understand why you do what you do!
  • How Albert Einstein's famous 14-words form one of the biggest keys to 'fixing' any problem in our lives... (PLUS: how to start applying his advice right away!)
  • How & why just 1 'limiting belief'  is enough to lead someone to a lifetime of 'self-sabotage' & failure within a particular area of their life...
  • Have you ever felt like one part of you is pulling in one direction, yet another part of you is pulling in another?  Those are known as 'inner-conflicts' & they can cause psychological & emotional destruction! THE GOOD NEWS: inside this section, you'll learn the underlying reasons behind these conflicts, as well as strategies to deal with them with more ease & calm (rather than pain & stress!)
  • Why 'be yourself' is actually very dangerous advice...​& why 'constant improvement' & 'personal transformation' is actually the most 'natural' & 'authentic' way to go through life! (NOTE: for most people, this concept is very confusing at first, but ends up becoming a true blessing for them!)
  • INTERNAL vs EXTERNAL 'LOCUS OF CONTROL' - Decades of research show this be one of the most important categorizations for success & happiness!
  • The 'innocent lie' we tell outsides to make ourselves feel good in the moment, but is actually stealing away our personal power! (PLUS: mental frameworks & simple strategies you can start to implement to transcend this tendency, regain your personal power & start crafting the life that you truly want!) 
  • The critical difference between ''FAULT'' vs ''RESPONSIBILITY'' (this is the missing piece to 'take responsibility for everything!' advice guru's are sharing!)
  • The #1 question you can ask yourself to develop 'radical responsibility & proactiveness' in your life! (+ a specific exercise to help you with this as well!)
  • Nelson Mandela, Nazi Concentration Camps & 'The Last Human Freedom' (PLUS: The #1, irreplaceable key to reducing / eliminating unhealthy levels of stress & suffering in your life... - if you get nothing out of this book EXCEPT just this 1 thing, it would STILL be worth your time & money for this book!)
  • PHYSICAL PAIN vs EMOTIONAL SUFFERING - other people will always be able to cause you 'physical / material' pain, but there are methodologies which will make you immune to any emotional suffering from these situations. (NOTE: when people talk about 'inner peace' this is what they're referring too - you're just getting a much more practical & actionable guide to it here in this section!)
  • The 'Circles Of Responsibility' framework... & how to apply it to take greater levels of selective 'responsibility' in your life (IMPORTANT: doing this will not only give you greater meaning in life, but will help you overcome your existing challenges & any future hurdles that may come up!)!

-- Section #2 --

Ambition: Aligning Intentions

  • The strong correlation (link) between CLARITY (knowing what you want) & the RESULTS you get! (PLUS: 1 special ingredient for clarity that Eleanor Roosevelt, Walt Disney & Albert Einstein all speak so highly off…)
  • What 22 studies across 3 decades of have ALL concluded is one of the most important keys to LASTING HAPPINESS(IMPORTANT: knowing this 1 thing can single-handedly save you from spending years chasing things that you think will make you happy... but research shows won't!)
  • How 1 simple 'tweak' in the type of goals you set for yourself can automatically make you more inspired, creative & productive!
  • Marcus Aurelius, Benjamin Franklin, Mark Twain & George Lucas all used the same 1 PRACTICE to better reflect on situations, introspect, gain clarity & find answers to life’s questions (& how you can use it too...)
  • Self-transcendence, David Hawkin’s Map of Consciousness, subjective meaning of life & highest degrees of human consciousness... (PLUS: great philosophies from some of history's greatest thinkers that can support you in creating a more magnificent life experience!...)
  • 6 CRITICAL CONSIDERATIONS that’ll help you make the best possible decisions in your life (& 1 profound question you can use to prioritize, make better decisions & focus your energy on what's most meaningful!)
  • The 5 BIG Biological, Psychological & Environmental Reasons that keep people dreaming small & settling for mediocrity... (& how to counteract them to achieve more, faster & actualize your true potential!)
  • The ‘Rules’ (or ‘social norms’) for living that get passed down to us from parents, family, school & the news... why they exist & how they can put you on a path to ‘mediocrity’... (PLUS: Principles & strategies you can use to strategically challenge certain ‘rules’ to boost success & freedom!)
  • How Mark Twain, Steve Jobs, Michelangelo & other highly-successful people thought about ‘goals’, ‘social norms’, ‘change’ & ‘dreaming big’ - & how their ways of thinking enabled them to achieve extraordinary things, & insert themselves into the history books! (learning this is life-changing!)
  • How you were ‘conditioned’ to believe certain thing growing up that affect us our lives (if we let them) - PLUS: Why a hard, painful childhood or past doesn’t doom you for a failed life... & what steps you should take.
  • The ‘3 Parts Of The Brain’ & how each influences your thoughts, feelings, decisions & actions (when you learn this, it'll enable you to fear less, boost confidence & take massive action - instead of being paralyzed by fear, confusion or overwhelm!)
  • Why ‘fear of failure’ can be so paralyzing, how we get programmed to fear potential disappointments & how to react to failure like the world’s highest achievers… (including inspiring examples & practical lessons from the lives of Winston Churchill, Sigmund Freud, Henry Ford, J.K. Rowling, elite figure skaters 1990’s & tech startups in Silicon Valley)
  • A simple 30-day exercise that will help you fear less, stress less & positively alter how you see everything in the world around you...
  • Ever faced judgment, rejection, criticism or hate? Ever wished you could handle these things BETTER? You’ll learn key insights & principles that’ll enable you to handle these things with ease & acceptance (instead of agony, overthinking & endless stress). PLUS: how to react when the people you love most tell you to ‘dream smaller’ or ‘be realistic’...

-- Section #3 --

Psychology: Mastering Mindset

  • The groundbreaking new framework, The ‘3 Categories Of Conditioning’ - which, better than ever before, explains why you are who you are, think how you think & believe what you believe... (this is must-know information for anyone going on this journey of personal growth, self help & success!)
  • How do your genetics impact your life? What does cutting-edge research (including the new science of ‘Epigenetics’) say about genes & their impacts on your health, abilities, intelligence & success (this information will SHOCK you as it’s very different to what we get taught in school!)
  • 'IQ' = Success? Is that really true? - Growing up you may have heard that it's those with high IQ that succeed - & that those with low IQ never really amount to much in life. But, is this true?  Discover what the longest psychological study to date on the topic says about this…
  • Why children won’t often question Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy early on in life, as well as why they start to in later childhood... (HINT: it has everything to do with the different brain wave patterns that child display...)
  • The breakthrough 2007 study which reveals just how things like smoking, obesity & even unhappiness spread amongst friends & to what extent do the people you spend time affect your life choices... (based on the data from one of the largest & longest running health studies to date!)
  • 9 ACTIONABLE STEPS to surrounding yourself with amazing people that help you achieve more & live a better quality of life!​ (these are the practical steps that many people are missing when attempting to implement the advice of 'you're the average of the 5 people you spend time with...')
  • What do Oprah Winfrey, Henry David Thoreau, Mark Zuckerberg & Leonardo Da Vinci have in common? They had MENTORS! (PLUS: learn valuable ideas that you can use to find mentors, advisers & peer groups for yourself...)
  • The 1 simple, yet very underrated, strategy that Larry King, Ellen DeGeneres & Tim Ferriss use to connect with A-star celebrities, icons & world-changers (& how you can begin to use it too!)
  • Have you ever wanted to change, but didn’t feel it was possible for you? Or, you logically knew you ‘should’ change but couldn’t get yourself to really commit & follow through?  WELL, once you learn the contents of chapter #7, this won't be a problem anymore...
  • 2 GUIDING FORCES which control all our conscious & unconscious decisions (if you don’t know these AND how they affect you… you’re likely falling victim to them right now without even knowing it…)
  • Proven steps you can take to condition your brain to automatically spot, seize & tap into greater possibilities available to you! (NOTE: right now there are 'opportunities' all around you that you’re overlooking because your mind isn’t conditioned to recognize or seize them...)
  • A powerful 4-STEP PROCESS anyone can use to change any ‘belief’, ‘bad habit’, ‘'addiction' or 'sabotaging behavior’ they want, at will! (THIS is the same 4-step process I use to help clients overcome alcoholism, quit smoking, overcome drug addiction, stop biting their nails, get past their social anxiety, etc... in a single 60-minute coaching SESSION!)
  • SUMMARY - HOW IT ALL COMES TOGETHER: how to apply everything in this book to... re-program your mind for success, overcome sabotaging behaviors, become your 'best self' & finally achieve the success you desire & deserve

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Retail Price: $24.95, 
Special Offer: FREE*
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Retail Price: $24.95, 
Special Offer: FREE*
*You Just Cover The Shipping
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MEET THE AUTHOR  |  Bogdan Juncewicz
Since making a decision to voluntarily drop out of high school at the age of 13, Bogdan has been obsessed with figuring out what makes some so successful & keeps other struggling, & how anyone can transform their life for the better...

Today, he's the author of multiple bestselling & internationally-distributed books (including 'Skilled Success' & '6 Day Publish' ). He's also a content creator & keynote speaker, who has spoken on stages across 3 continents, teaching thousands & thousands of people worldwide. Including: multi-millionaires, TEDx speakers, marketers, musicians, teachers, fitness professionals & more.

Bogdan has more than 6 years of real-world, practical regular-100-hour-work-weeks experience, researching, studying & teaching topics, such as accelerated learning, skill development, human psychology, motivation, productivity & overall personal development. And his teachings are grounded in (& backed by) years of research in the fields of neuroscience, positive psychology, performance psychology & human behavior.

A lot of his experience, specific insights & relatable examples have also come from the in-the-trenches work he does as a ‘coach,’ delivering breakthrough results for his clients. 

Over the years, he’s helped people break addictions, overcome limiting beliefs & make huge shifts in their lives in just a few coaching sessions - the same results some therapists take many, many years to get for their clients!

Most importantly, he’s the founder & CEO of an education company, 'Potencia' which serves customers & clients across 60+ countries & 6 continents, providing world-class alternative education in the areas that school falls short. The mission of this company (& his work) is to reform the education system & elevate, improve & evolve human education - for greater achievement, happiness & freedom...

Bestselling Author. International Speaker. Coach. Voluntary High School Dropout.
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''Bogdan's honest, sincere & uncomplicated manner is breath of fresh air. These strategies guided me to come up with a system that works for me.''

- Riffi Khan, TV Producer & Founder of Sunflower Productions

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- Noah Abelman, 99.90th percentile student & creator: ExamReadyTutoring

''I can promise you that Bogdan's guidance will be invaluable to helping you reach your end goal.''

- Pam Wright, Australia’s Leading Stress Expert & FasterEFT Trainer
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  • ​I'm the author of 6 Day Publish​​​​​​ (this 201 page book was written in just 4.5 days)  
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  • ​I'm the founder and CEO of 2 digital businesses 
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  •  I'm the creator and host of a online show called The Accelerated Achievement Show
  •  I've been personally mentored by the founder and CEO of the world's #1 Experiential Business Training Company
  •  I have over 4 years of experience in content creation and digital strategy (yes, I started when I was about 13)
  •  I'm the creator of TimeHack... an advanced training program on productivity, optimisation and time maximization.
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FREE* paperback copy of 6 Day Publish! 
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